Plain English

Effective since Nov 14, 2020

By being a member and using Vedilink, you agree to everything on this page. We have to do this to protect both you and us and make running this business possible. If you break these terms, you can't use Vedilink anymore.

Your Account

Your account is your responsibility. If your account is compromised we'll try to help, but we can't guarantee we can fix any damages.

Our License to You

Don't copy Vedilink itself.

Your Responsibilities

You need to be 18 or older to sign up for Vedilink. We need these rules to be legally binding and you have to be 18 or older for that to be possible.

Follow all laws that apply to you, based on where you live or anything else.

Don't lie on the sign up form.

We don't monitor every single thing on Vedilink. It's up to you to do right.

Impermissible Acts

Don't be a nincompoop. Don't create fake accounts.

Don't be a nincompoop. Don't steal private information/credentials of our users.

Don't be a nincompoop. Don't steal our intellectual property (IP).

Don't be a nincompoop. Don't copy our code without permission.

Don't be a nincompoop. Don't disrupt our services and domains.

Don't be a nincompoop. Don't exploit our security holes. Report and receive $$$.

Don't break laws.

We might pop into your account to help with a support request, but we otherwise don't go snooping around.

If we are legally required to provide information to the government that they request, we will, but not otherwise.

You can contact us or use other options to resolve any complaints.